Yves Otterbach


Mainz, Germany


Capturing the essence of every moment, I specialize in event videography. From wild concerts, romantic weddings to elegant galas, my lens translates the energy, emotion, and story of each occasion into attractive visual narratives. With my professional tools, an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I bring events to life through the art of cinematography.


Precision meets storytelling in my corporate videography work. With a deep understanding of corporate culture, I create compelling visual content that articulates brands’ visions. From polished promotional videos and training modules to capturing impactful executive messages, my visual work speaks a clear language, and the essence of corporate identity.

Music Videos

Coming from a very musical background, my passion for music drives my craft in music video production. I collaborated closely with various artists over the years, to bring their sonic visions to life. From energetic performances to immersive storytelling, I specialize in creating captivating visuals. Music videos have been the backbone of my filmmaking career ever since.


Coming from a moving picture heritage, the transition into photography is seamless in my work. Through my lens, I craft visual emotions. I capture settings, personalities, and atmospheres. Whether it is a big event with a lot of faces, or a private little shooting for your company, I got you covered.


Bringing events to a global audience in real-time. I can deliver the technology to seamlessly broadcast live events, ensuring a captivating experience for viewers worldwide. I learned to navigate the complexities of live production, delivering high-quality, engaging streams that connect audiences with the excitement and essence of any live experience.


Mastering the fusion of visuals and audio, I specialized in producing compelling video podcasts. Everything you need in one package. From setting up multi-camera shoots to editing and post-production, my goal is to craft polished video content that complements the depth of conversations you are looking for.